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So after reading about all the great things in Sweden, such as fika, the beautiful Swedish nature, and the little things that make Sweden unique, are you thinking about moving to Sweden? Well, why not is what I say! Here are some of the great resources provided for those of us who live in Sweden! These sections will continue to grow as I come across more and more resources for those of us living in Sweden

Relocating to Sweden

Are you ready to move to Sweden but not sure where to begin? Find out how to relocate to Sweden, what to expect, and some great resources to make your relocation easier!

Quick links: Steps from job offer to arrival from the Swedish Institute.

Work in Sweden

Do you need a job in Sweden in order to move? Or have you already moved across the world and are ready to find work? Check out these detailed job resources in Sweden.

Quick links: Arbetsförmedlingen – Unemployment office in Sweden that is surprisingly helpful for residents looking for work. Also, check out my blog post on where to look for a job in Sweden!

Education in Sweden

Sweden has some great free resources for tax payers, so why not use them? Education in Sweden is free (text books not included) for residence. So why not try to expand your knowledge and learn!

Quick links: SFI (Svenska för Invandrare) – Swedish for foreigners. Residents can learn Swedish for free!

Health Care in Sweden

What you can expect from the Swedish health care system and how to work it the best to your advantage!


Here is a list of some other great resources about life in Sweden. – the official gateway to Sweden, administered by the Swedish Institute.

The Swedish Survival Guide – Everything you need to know about living in Sweden from @SwedishJoe. Great resource!


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