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Learn Swedish Online

swedish onlineThanks to S.F.I. (Svenska för Invandrare, or Swedish for Foreigners), it is very easy to learn Swedish online absolutely free. There are also some great paid software and textbooks for learning Swedish online which can help you learn this language even if you aren’t in the country.

The great thing about the Internet is that you can learn Swedish online without even feel like you are learning. Online you can watch Swedish TV, listen to Swedish radio, participate in Swedish forums and read Swedish magazines. These are all great fun ways to learn Swedish online.

Check out the Free Online Swedish Resources sections to see some of the best places to access these fun ways of learning. If find other Swedish online resources, please let me know so I can add it!

If you are immigrating to Sweden you will get free Swedish courses at your local S.F.I. If you just want to learn for fun, you have access to many of the free Swedish resources.

I can also recommend reading tips for learning Swedish, overcoming the difficulties of Swedish, and why the Swedish language is hard. These are musings from my own personal experiences of studying the Swedish language.


History of Swedish

The Swedish language has evolved over the years, given various phases of history. It is officially the main language of Sweden. Proposed legislation would have made Swedish the official language of Sweden in 2005, but due to various difficulties and a rather narrow margin, it did not come to pass.

The Swedish language developed from the language known as Donsk tunga (“Danish tongue”), which was spoken in all of Scandinavia before the early Middle Ages, not exclusively Denmark. It is a member of the Scandinavian branch of Germanic.

At its earliest point, the language can be traced back to a family of languages known as the Indo-European Languages, which is the most commonly spoken family of languages in the world. Over 1.6 billion people around the world speak variations of the Indo-European Language.

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