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Evil - OndskanOndskan (2003)

Starring Andreas Wilson, Henrik Lunström, Gustaf Skarsgård

Directed by Mikael Håfström

Rated R

The title of Evil is a tad misleading. While it is full of suspense, it is not a horror film per say, but a more of a coming-of-age film. Erik is sent away to a boarding school after being in a fight. This is his last chance to graduate. Half a blessing because he is removed from his step-father’s reach, it soon turns sore again as he is bullied by boys in a grade higher.

Learning to fight back while still keeping his dignity and trying to pull away from his violent past, this film is an interesting look at the term “evil” vs “good”, and how there are always multiple sides to a story.

While this film doesn’t show much of Swedish culture, it is captivating and is worth watching. Not only will it help you learn some Swedish, but you will walk away seeing a great film!

And yes, this film is available to purchase online. So what is stopping you?

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