Call and Talk To a Random Swede

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I love Sweden. You really can’t get any better than this.  Sweden has released a special phone number (+46 771 793 336) where anybody in the world can call, and they will speak to a random Swede!

Swedes sign up for the ability to have a random stranger call them by turning on an app on their phone (so you never need worry about waking a sleeping Swede).

Sweden launched the “Dial a Random Swede” program in celebration of Sweden’s 250th year to abolish censorship (Sweden was also the first country in the world to do this).

For those of you learning Swedish, this is a great opportunity to practice! Keep in mind, most Swedes speak English very well. It may be necessary to pretend you don’t speak English in order to get the Swedes to speak Swedish. 😉

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