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Swedish Election is a Thriller: There’s a New Kid on the Block

By Thomas / September 2, 2018

The election to the Swedish parliament is just one week away (Sept 9). The outcome is unpredictable if you look at recent polls. Negotiations will most likely be long and hard before the newly elected parliament can agree and ask the leader of one party to be Prime Minister and form his own government. Generally […]


Why Swedes are Happier Than We Are: An American Perspective

By Guest Blogger / February 25, 2018

As an American, I’m aware that most of us would proclaim that we live in the greatest country in the world because we’re the most democratic, wealthy and powerful. But one thing is for sure: we’re not the happiest. Based on my time living in Sweden, it comes as no surprise to me that this […]


Where To Watch Football In Sweden

By Guest Blogger / January 20, 2018

People traveling to Europe don’t necessarily think of Sweden as being one of the premier destinations for watching football. Just last year, a prominent sports site ranked the most entertaining leagues in world football and made no mention of the Allsvenskan (which for those who aren’t aware is the top flight in the Swedish football […]


Swedes Recycle Under Full Terrorist Threat

By SwedishFreak / April 19, 2017

Again, another reason why I love Sweden. Nothing stops Swedes from recycling. Absolutely nothing. Not even a terrorist attack. Someone pointed this thread out to me on Reddit with a video of Swedes recycling under the terrorist threat they recently had. A rough translation of the text (please Swedes, if I’m wrong, correct me): When someone […]


Where To Look For a Job in Sweden

By SwedishFreak / April 12, 2017

After almost 5 years away from Sweden, I can’t stand it anymore! I want to find a job in Sweden. I’m ready to fika, take my shoes off at work, pay high taxes, and get 5 weeks paid vacation. Not only that, I’d love to go back to school and get my master’s. If I […]


Swede Hatches Egg From Grocery Store

By SwedishFreak / March 23, 2017

Even though this happened in January (and I’m just posting it now), but now every time I cook eggs I think of this story! Supposedly this Swedish women, Agneta, heard somewhere that some grocery eggs are fertile and can be hatched if warmed. She gave it a shot with a 6 pack of eggs from Coop […]


Swedishness Podcast Parental Leave in Sweden (episode 1)

By SwedishFreak / March 21, 2017

Sweden knows its awesomeness, and is ready to share it with the world!  Has been for awhile, with great sites like  This year the Swedish Institute has launched a new podcast called Swedishness. Here is a little information about the podcast: Together with co-host Philip O’Connor, an Irish journalist who has lived in Sweden for 18 […]


Start to Work Like a Swede

By SwedishFreak / January 20, 2017

Swedes are so awesome, they are willing to share their awesomeness with the rest of the world. The Swedish Part Model is a labor union model where workers and employers work together in order to optimize the labor force. I will let the website,, founded by a group of Swedish unions, explain the model itself. […]

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