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Swedish Freak Shop Update

By SwedishFreak / April 5, 2017

Due to limited amount of time (don’t we all have that issue), I can only do so many things. I realized that the shop hasn’t been updated in forever (since Christmas). So I decided it was time to do a little design and update the shop! I’m excited about the new designs that have come out […]


7 Halloween Costumes for a Swedish Freak

By SwedishFreak / October 7, 2013

Halloween is coming soon. It may not be a native Swedish holiday, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t celebrated in Sweden, and it also doesn’t mean that your Halloween can’t have some Swedish in it! Here are 7 great costumes for a Swedish Freak like you for this Halloween. Viking Warrior Nothing says Sweden like […]


Being a Swedish Freak is Genetic

By SwedishFreak / February 15, 2013

I never realized that being a Swedish Freak would be genetic. But apparently it is. In December I was in Phoenix visiting my grandparents. Because I have been living overseas the last 10 years, I hadn’t seen them in a really long time. So of course there was tons to talk about, and a lot […]


Top 5 Gifts for a Swedish Freak

By SwedishFreak / December 12, 2012

Christmas is just around the corner. And I know plenty of Swedish Freak’s in my life. So what do you get a Swedish Freak for Christmas? Why, something Swedish of course! So let’s take a look a the top 5 gifts for Swedish Freaks out there. 5. A batch of Lussebullar Lussebullar are generally made […]


10 Signs that You are a Swedish Freak

By SwedishFreak / March 29, 2012

I don’t remember when I became a Swedish Freak. It was somewhere between falling in love with a Swede and falling in love with Sweden. But now I know that I will be a Swedish Freak for life! Perhaps you are in that middle stage, where you are not sure if you are a Swedish […]