How Swedish Are You?

By SwedishFreak / February 1, 2012
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What is Swedish anyway? Are you Swedish just because of where you were born in the world? Is it the language you are most comfortable speaking?

Or is it something more?

Is it a passion for a fika that makes you Swedish? Do you need to live in Sweden to have some Swedish in you?


I don’t have an answer to these questions. But I do have a quiz for you to find out how Swedish you are! It may be a little off since I have Norrland influence. But that doesn’t make it less fun!

How Swedish Are You?

Are you a Swedish Freak? Take this quiz and find out how much of a Swede you really are!
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What do you think makes one Swedish?

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    Hilary lived two years in Norrland, Sweden (Northern Sweden) and fell in love with the country. She lives in Prague, Czechia and hopes to one day soon return to Sweden.


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