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How Sweden Overhauled Its Gambling Regulation

By SwedishFreak / May 30, 2019

Sweden is home to some of the biggest European gambling groups – it has the Kindred Group, the company behind the well-known Unibet brand, and Betsson, a business covering several Nordic countries. Despite such major brands calling it home, Sweden’s local gambling market was a state monopoly – officially, at least. International operators did target […]


It’s not over yet. (Swedish politics 2018-19)

By Thomas / January 14, 2019

So, what happened to the deliberations about a new Swedish government? Before Xmas, the parliament voted “no” to both contenders, Stefan Löfven from the Social Democrats with 144 supporting votes, versus Ulf Kristersson from the right wing/Alliance/Moderates with 143 supporting votes. Nothing much happened, actually, until the last few days. The Speaker announced, before Xmas, […]


Swedish Election is a Thriller: There’s a New Kid on the Block

By Thomas / September 2, 2018

The election to the Swedish parliament is just one week away (Sept 9). The outcome is unpredictable if you look at recent polls. Negotiations will most likely be long and hard before the newly elected parliament can agree and ask the leader of one party to be Prime Minister and form his own government. Generally […]


Ingvar Kamprad, IKEA Founder, Dies at 91

By Ray St Jonn / February 7, 2018

On March 30, 1926, Ingvar Kamprad was born on his family farm Elmtaryd in the local parish Agunnaryd. While this innocuous statement of fact appears to point to nothing of interest, if you add the initials of this child to the initials of his farm and nearby parish, you get IKEA. Ingvar Kamprad was the […]


Swedish Freak Shop Update

By SwedishFreak / April 5, 2017

Due to limited amount of time (don’t we all have that issue), I can only do so many things. I realized that the shop hasn’t been updated in forever (since Christmas). So I decided it was time to do a little design and update the shop! I’m excited about the new designs that have come out […]


Swedishness Podcast: Will Sweden Be First to Be Run by Robots? (episode 2)

By SwedishFreak / March 28, 2017

Swedishness is the newly released podcast from SI, Swedish Institute. Last time Kattis Ahlström and her co-host and Swedish resident for 12 years, Philip O’Connor, discussed parental leave in Sweden. This time they discuss the point to which Swede’s adapt to technology. They are already headed to be the first cashless country. Now robots? Kattis and Philip […]


Black Friday Sale at Swedish Freak

By SwedishFreak / November 25, 2016

Excited to announce a black Friday sale at our online store.  I recently just created new God Jul items for this year. Use the coupon code “God Jul 2016” at check out and get 10% off your entire purchase! Sale ends on November 30th, 2016, which is the shipping date you want for the items […]


Escape Trump, Move to Sweden

By SwedishFreak / November 10, 2016

Everyone seems to be surprised about what happened on Tuesday. That is ok. If you want to escape Trump, there is at least one Swedish company willing to help. A Swedish advertising company, Round & Round, based in Stockholm, has put up a website called “The Great Trump Escape.” Since 1/4 of Americans would consider moving outside […]


What is going on in Sweden and Europe?

By SwedishFreak / March 24, 2016

I’ve always tried to keep Swedish Freak in the positive.  It isn’t hard because Sweden is pretty awesome! However, with the recent attacks in Brussels, I’m realizing that not being a part of the conversation is adding to the problem. I’m the first to admit, I avoid a lot of this negative stuff. I don’t […]

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