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Julskyltning – a Swedish Christmas tradition

“Julskyltning” or “skyltsöndag” as it is usually called is a tradition in Sweden since mid-late 19th century. In the middle of the 19th-century the shops started make special preparations before Christmas by decorating their display windows. It took a few years and in the late 19th-century it made a breakthrough as a happening before Christmas. There were a lot of competition between different shops to make the best display and preparing the displays involved a lot of secret keeping. At a given time on a specific day the displays were uncovered and the people of the city could go and enjoy the new displays. The “Skyltsöndag” used to be the last Sunday before Christmas but nowadays it’s usually the last Sunday in November.

At this time of year the sun rises at about 8.30 am and sets in the evening at 2.45 pm in the Stockholm area and Christmas decorations involves a lot of illuminations that makes city a glow in the night.

The preparations for “skyltsöndag” also involves decorating the city for christmas and below you will can see photos from Stockholm taken this year of decorations and display windows.

One of the more known department stores in Stockholm is NK (Nordiska Kompaniet). Their displays at Christmas are visited by a lot of people and something of a happening. The display for this year has a book theme.


Nordiska Kompaniet
This is the NK store at Hamngatan, Stockholm


An illustration of a famous poem called “Tomten”



Pettsson och Findus
“Pettsson och Findus” – two much loved characters from a series of children books.



“Tomtebobarnen” is a children book written by Elsa Beskow.


Tant Grön, Tant Brun och Tant Gredelin
“Tant Grön, Tant Brun och Tant Gredelin” is another book for children written by Elsa Beskow.



Pippi Longstocking
“Pippi Långstrump” or Pippi Longstocking is another much loved character from children books written by Astrid Lindgren.


Alla vi barn I Bullerbyn
“Alla vi barn I Bullerbyn” is another book by Astrid Lindgren.


Sturegallerian, Stureplan, Stockholm
This is the Christmas decoration at Sturegallerian, Stureplan, Stockholm.


“Biblioteksgatan” or Library street close to Stureplan in Stockholm. At the end of the street you’ll find the Swedish National Library.



Sergels Torg
This is the decorations at “Sergels Torg” in Stockholm.



And finally a view along “Klarabergsgatan” close to the railway station in Stockholm.


Wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year!

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