Snoop Dogg Stopped In Stockholm, Throws a Hissy Fit Online

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The rapper Snoop Dogg had a concert in Uppsala, the large college town only about an hour from Stockholm. On his way back to Stockholm, around midnight, his vehicle was stopped by a random vehicle check by the Stockholm police. Kinda like our random drunk driving stops in America.

Not surprisingly, Snoop Dogg looked under the influence. (He probably has taken so many drugs he is on a permahigh.)  So they took him in to test him.  He was a bit pissed off about being taken to the police station. Says it was racial profiling and says he will never return to Sweden.

The video above you can see a video when he is “getting arrested”. Though you don’t see or hear the police much at all.

Dude, you talk about doing drugs ALL THE TIME. I’m pretty sure just being Snoop Dogg is enough to suspect that you will have drugs on you.

I have to say, it is very interesting reading the English versions of the story, and the Swedish versions of the story.

The first I heard about it was English. Snoop Dogg Arrested in Sweden, Claims It Is Racial Profiling & Vows Never to Return.

Well, I didn’t hear about the racial profiling part in the video. And again, random stop, and again, you are SNOOP DOGG. Why wouldn’t you have drugs?

Then another English article talks about how he blasts the police on the Instagram video.

Message to my fans n fam !!

A video posted by snoopdogg (@snoopdogg) on

Now, how is that blasting? So you didn’t do drugs. Ok, at least your smart not to bring drugs into a country where pepper spray is illegal to carry.

The Swedish article? He wasn’t arrested, he was stopped. It wasn’t racial, it was random. He wasn’t arrested. He was taking in for a drug test.  They didn’t say the drug test didn’t come back, they said that they weren’t going to comment. And they didn’t even say that he was driving, but that he was a passenger!

Snoop Dogg stoppades av polis efter Sverigekonserten

Where does this stuff get lost in translation?

My “bonus” son says the answer is “Google”. Too true.

2 thoughts on “Snoop Dogg Stopped In Stockholm, Throws a Hissy Fit Online”

  1. It’s all media hype. If the US went with the more truthful news headline it wouldn’t be a headline. I can’t stand how we make things so over the top news wise. Drives me nuts.


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