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Ingvar Kamprad, IKEA Founder, Dies at 91

By Ray St Jonn / February 7, 2018

On March 30, 1926, Ingvar Kamprad was born on his family farm Elmtaryd in the local parish Agunnaryd. While this innocuous statement of fact appears to point to nothing of interest, if you add the initials of this child to the initials of his farm and nearby parish, you get IKEA. Ingvar Kamprad was the […]


Attack in Sweden: Flags at Half Mass

By SwedishFreak / April 8, 2017

Yesterday I was sad to wake up to the news that there was a terrorist attack in Sweden. Another truck attack. While we mourn for the lives lost, let us continue to live our everyday lives not in fear, but in love of one another. The Prime Minister of Sweden released this statement yesterday: Today […]


Gävle Goat Burns Again

By SwedishFreak / November 29, 2016

Gävle’s famous Christmas goat just celebrated it’s 50th anniversary.  Sadly, overnight, it was burned down by arsonists over night.  Watch the reaction of a Swedish news program as they report the breaking news (in Swedish! Time to practice your Swedish!) This isn’t the first time either! Of the 50 years the Gävle goat has been built, […]


Orgasm Church Denied in Sweden

By SwedishFreak / April 4, 2016

A church in Sjöbo, Skåne tried to apply to become an official church.  It was denied because: Ordet orgasm är enligt definition ett sexuellt begrepp, vilket inte i något avseende hör ihop med kyrka. That means “The word orgasm is by definition a sexual concept, not something you hear together with church.” I think what is more […]


Swedes Still Have Issues With Breastfeeding In Public

By SwedishFreak / March 14, 2016

While Sweden is the 5th best country in the world for breastfeeding rates, it seems that Swedes still aren’t 100% accepting in public. That is what started a Facebook community called “Amningsuppropet” by Kicki Sahamies, after a librarian told her in front of a group of people that her breastfeeding didn’t look good (click the link to see […]


Sweden’s IKEA May Use Eco-Friendly Mushrooms for Packaging

By SwedishFreak / March 7, 2016

Sweden is already known for importing trash.  IKEA is looking into taking Sweden’s eco-friendliness one step further with mushroom packaging. I suppose because IKEA is Swedish, it has always been conscious of its packaging.  It at one point worked with a design firm in Stockholm to design packaging that was cost efficient and not wasteful. Now […]


Snoop Dogg Stopped In Stockholm, Throws a Hissy Fit Online

By SwedishFreak / July 26, 2015

The rapper Snoop Dogg had a concert in Uppsala, the large college town only about an hour from Stockholm. On his way back to Stockholm, around midnight, his vehicle was stopped by a random vehicle check by the Stockholm police. Kinda like our random drunk driving stops in America. Not surprisingly, Snoop Dogg looked under […]