Swedes Still Have Issues With Breastfeeding In Public

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While Sweden is the 5th best country in the world for breastfeeding rates, it seems that Swedes still aren’t 100% accepting in public.

That is what started a Facebook community called “Amningsuppropet” by Kicki Sahamies, after a librarian told her in front of a group of people that her breastfeeding didn’t look good (click the link to see the video and practice your Swedish!).

I chatted with Kicki, who lives in Southern Sweden, a bit on Facebook.  She said that breastfeed is becoming less and less the norm, and because of this people have been starting to not be tolerant of breastfeeders.  “We used to be OK with breastfeeding, now we are more like the Danes“, Kicki wrote me.

Unfortunately, the current laws in Sweden do not protect breastfeeders fully. They are allowed to breastfeed in public, but there is nothing from stopping business owners to ask them to leave or to band them from coming in with a sign (though Kicki does say that is more rare).

Because Swede’s don’t really like to rock the boat, it is hard to find women like Kicki who are willing to stand up.

I have to say, all of this really surprises me.  Kicki let me use the picture taken outside the library in this post, to show the level of indecency that she had while breastfeeding.

Really, not a big deal. I mean, this is coming from a country that made up a word for female masterbation. Yet breastfeeding in public is not ok?  What do you think Swedish Freaks?

2 thoughts on “Swedes Still Have Issues With Breastfeeding In Public”

  1. I can’t believe that people could be intolerant of breastfeeding at all. But to criticise women for breastfeeding in public places when many women expose their breasts in public in very vulgar and provocative ways seems rather hypocritical.
    We should be celebrating breast feeding. It is the best possible start for our children.


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