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Lucia for Dummies

One thing I absolutely love about the Swedish government is how informative they are about Sweden! In researching a bit about St Lucia, I found a video that gives you the breakdown you need for Lucia in Sweden.

AKA, Lucia for Dummies!  I’m glad I watched it too, because I was forgetting something important.  What is needed for Lucia?

  1. Saffron buns (or lussebullar)
  2. Singing children on December 13th
  3. Glögg!

I can’t believe I still don’t have a recipe for glögg! That is my mission this year.  Find a good glögg recipe and don’t burn it!  Do you have one you want me to try? Send it my way!

I will be doing more digging into Lucia, particularly I want to find some Lucia songs that we can all sing along to.  In the meantime though, enjoy this video about Lucia in Sweden (for Dummies).

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