dag wiren

Dag Wirén: National Swedish Treasure

If the name Dag Wirén doesn’t conjure up any melodies for you, do not feel bad. Outside of Sweden, not many people have treated themselves to (or been aware of) the musical creations of Dag Wirén. Collectors of modern and eclectic classical music most likely know his famed Serenade for Strings, Op. 11, although he … Read more

Eva Ekeblad

Swedish Countess Eva Ekeblad

Born July 10th, 1724, Eva Ekebald would have turn 293 years old today.  Google has taken to update their Doodle in honor of Countess Eva Ekeblad. Thank you Google for pointing out this amazing Swede! So what exactly did she do? Potatoes where introduced to Europe in 1658 by Spaniards, from the Andes in South … Read more

Swedish Music

A Quick History of Swedish Music

While stalking Sweden online (it is what I’m doing for a living, woot!), I came across the amazing American Swedish Institute.  It is actually a museum, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, a museum I managed to completely miss when I was visiting family in Minneapolis!

If you are in Minneapolis, do not miss out on the American Swedish Institute. Throughout the year they offer various events and exhibitions.

In 2015, the Gothenburg Combo partnered with the American Swedish Institute to help make this great video to show you a quick overview of Swedish music. Enjoy!

St Lucia for Dummies

Lucia for Dummies

One thing I absolutely love about the Swedish government is how informative they are about Sweden! In researching a bit about St Lucia, I found a video that gives you the breakdown you need for Lucia in Sweden.

AKA, Lucia for Dummies!  I’m glad I watched it too, because I was forgetting something important.  What is needed for Lucia?

  1. Saffron buns (or lussebullar)
  2. Singing children on December 13th
  3. Glögg!

I can’t believe I still don’t have a recipe for glögg! That is my mission this year.  Find a good glögg recipe and don’t burn it!  Do you have one you want me to try? Send it my way!

I will be doing more digging into Lucia, particularly I want to find some Lucia songs that we can all sing along to.  In the meantime though, enjoy this video about Lucia in Sweden (for Dummies).

Alexander Samuelsson

Alexander Samuelsson & The Coca-Cola Bottle

The United States is founded on immigrants. Not surprisingly, many immigrants came from Sweden.  SvD wrote a great article about the Swedish Immigrants that left an impression on the United States during the 1800 and 1900’s. The one that stands out the most, that has an effect on not only the United States, but also the … Read more


From Stockholm to South America

We’ll never know if there were any native Swedes among the crews of Vikings that were the first Europeans to set foot in the Americas, but later waves of Swedish migrants arriving in North America aboard the famous liners of the Cunard Line were among the main settlers of the Mid-Western United States, helping make … Read more