Contraversy with the Swedish Green Party

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We want to build a sustainable society, that takes on climate change while creating new jobs.

Well, sign me up! The Swedish Green Party (Miljöpartiet) sounds pretty, well, green.  Equality is huge in Sweden, and the Swedish Green Party is no different, with two spokespersons, a man and a woman, instead of a party leader.

The Swedish Green Party started in 1981, originally sparked by the anti-nuclear power movement, due to the upset of the existing parties’ environmental policies.

Not only does the Swedish Green Party sound great, but they are also voted into government and have created an alliance with the Social Democratic Party in Sweden, holding 6 of the 24 Ministers.

Lately, though, the Swedish Green Party has been in the news for reasons having nothing to do with the environment or equality.

Politician refuses to shake hands with a woman

Politician Refuses to Shake Hands with a Woman

Not sure what you do when someone’s religion says that they shouldn’t shake hands with a woman because that is “too intimate”. In any case, a muslim politician in the Swedish Green Party chose to take his hand to his chest and bow, instead of shaking hands with a Swedish TV reporter.

People weren’t happy about this, and thus he decided to resign.  He actually resigned a week after a muslim colleague of his in the Green Party resigned after a video surfaced of him saying something about how Israel’s politics are towards Palestinians.

Swedish PM Calls 9/11 an Accident


I don’t really know how someone slips this one up, but Deputy Prime Minister Åsa Romson, of the Swedish Green Party, described the September 11th terrorist attacks as accidents (the Swedish word olycka).

Probably just a really dumb mistake, but it doesn’t look good when your party already has had some baffles on sensitive issues.

After all of this, a guy at the Swedish National Defense College says this:

Green Party May have been infultrated by islamists


Its not surprising, with what has been happening in the party itself.
Why is this a big deal in general? Well, Sweden isn’t naturally an Islamic country. However, because of immigration, more and more Swedish citizens are muslim.
What do you do when you invite people into your country and help them create a home because their country is in war, and then their culture starts to merge with your own.
This seems to be what the Swedish Green Party is going through.  I don’t know what is right or what is wrong.  It seems that Sweden isn’t happy with how it is being represented in the government, which is completely fair.
What do you think about all of this?


  1. Isabel
    May 20, 2016 at 12:27 — Reply

    That you have not been in Sweden for many years now therefore you really do not understand the situation here.

    Muslim immigrants do not want to integrate into Swedish society. In fact, you see more muslim immigrants with hijab everywhere. That did no happen 15 years ago!
    So Sweden is becoming more and more like a muslim country!

    • May 21, 2016 at 18:14 — Reply

      You are seeing your country change, only because you opened up your borders to help people. I haven’t been there for 4 years, yes, I don’t really know the situation. Which is why I’m starting the conversation.

      Thank you for engaging in one with me!

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