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Stirring in the Cauldron (Swedish Politics 2018)

By Thomas / November 24, 2018

The formation of a new government in Sweden is becoming a confusing serial. Today is 77 days after the election, but the newly elected parliament hasn’t been able to agree on who should become Prime Minister and form a new government. Here’s a summary of what’s happened so far: When the new parliament was assembled […]


Nay. Nej. Nope. No.

By Thomas / November 16, 2018

On Monday, November 12, after nine weeks of deliberations, the Speaker of the Swedish parliament proposed that Ulf Kristersson, chairman of the Moderate Party (conservative), and leader of the Alliance, should be elected to Prime Minister. As stipulated in the Constitution, the proposal was immediately tabled, i.e. postponed, and further postponed on the next day. […]


Continuing Tensions in Swedish Parliament

By Thomas / November 7, 2018

In the wake of the exciting results of the US midterm election… here’s a report about the unclear situation in the Swedish parliament. The confused picture remains in the parliament, even more unclear and wooly than before. After the election the Speaker had one-on-one talks with all party leaders, trying to assess who would have […]


Shuffling the Cards – the Next Steps in Swedish Parliament

By Thomas / October 29, 2018

The September election created a deadlock in Swedish politics. The two traditional blocks have almost the same strength in the parliament: on the right side the Alliance (a constellation of four liberal/conservative parties) has 143 seats, and on the left side there are three parties that have 144 seats. Remaining 62 seats belong to an […]


Struggle for power in the Swedish Parliament

By Thomas / October 27, 2018

As I predicted before the Swedish election, the political situation in the Swedish parliament has come to a standstill, waiting for a solution. Honestly, it wasn’t a difficult prediction: it was clear for everyone with a slight knowledge of Swedish election rules. The combatants There are two candidates for the post of prime minister: on […]


Swedish Election is a Thriller: There’s a New Kid on the Block

By Thomas / September 2, 2018

The election to the Swedish parliament is just one week away (Sept 9). The outcome is unpredictable if you look at recent polls. Negotiations will most likely be long and hard before the newly elected parliament can agree and ask the leader of one party to be Prime Minister and form his own government. Generally […]


Awesome Swedes Show Up to Protest Nazi Protest

By SwedishFreak / November 16, 2016

In Sweden, there is freedom of the press.  Which means, people have the freedom to be racist. Nazis in Sweden are nothing new. Neo-Nazi’s celebrating the election of a U.S. president? That is something to write about. A news report has been going around about how the Neo Nazi’s in Sweden gathered in Stockholm on […]


Contraversy with the Swedish Green Party

By SwedishFreak / May 18, 2016

We want to build a sustainable society, that takes on climate change while creating new jobs. Well, sign me up! The Swedish Green Party (Miljöpartiet) sounds pretty, well, green.  Equality is huge in Sweden, and the Swedish Green Party is no different, with two spokespersons, a man and a woman, instead of a party leader. The […]