julbord at the grocery store

A Free Lunch – in the Grocery Store!

Today, I spent extra half an hour in my favorite grocery store, eating a complimentary lunch from their julbord, which they put up one day every year a few weeks before Christmas. (Please see explanation of julbord below.) The julbord is open for all customers, free of charge. You’re invited even if you haven’t been … Read more

Finding Swedish Food

Now some of you may have noticed my excitement on Facebook when I discovered knackebrod in my local grocery store. O.M.G! (Oh, and for those of you not as lucky as me, you can buy it online!) So now I just have to figure out what to eat with it. Besides begging friends to mail … Read more

swedish icecream

Eating in Sweden

I’ve been living in the States for about 5 months now. And one thing that is really standing out, which stood out a lot when I first moved to Sweden is food. Now yes, food is different, but that is not what I’m referring to. Sweden has meat and potatoes and vegetables. And godis. And … Read more

Perfecting Swedish Pancakes

Friday night my brother and I decided to party by making Swedish pancakes. Using this Swedish pancake recipe, we made some tasty delights. I was surprised to find out how hard they actually were to cook. But in the end we perfected our technique! My brother enjoys calling them crepes, and while they are similar, … Read more

Baking Semlor for Fat Tuesday

What’s Fat Tuesday? Its the day you eat semlor. Why do you eat semlor? Because it is Fat Tuesday! Today is Fat Tuesday. Last Fat Tuesday I promised I would attempted at making some semlor. Luckily I got a semlor recipe from a friend in Norrland. After you make them, you definitely won’t wonder why … Read more

Sharing Sweden: Food

I again find myself in Prague, Czech Republic, my home away from home. I love going this time of year, and not only because it is warmer than Skellefteå! This time I wanted to bring my friends something really Swedish. Which got me thinking. What is “Swedish”. We have some candy that is only available … Read more