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Spring arrives in Sweden

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Spring is finally here in Sweden. How can I tell? Well, in Norrland, the days are getting much longer, and the nights much shorter. The snow is almost completely melted. And the temperature is hovering around 10C (50F). But up in the cottage, what makes spring so obvious is the Swedish wildlife.

Swedish cottage

The cottage is just amazing. You can only get up there by a dirt road. Nobody lives in the neighboring houses (though one neighbor does drive up there to tend to his sheep). There are open fields on all sides of the house. And here is where the action really takes place.

First off, we had hares playing in the fields. The hares change colors during the winter, and this spring the hare are still white and stand out now that the snow has melted. But it doesn’t stop them from enjoying the fine weather!

Also very common this time of year is the mating song and dance of the black grouse, a Swedish forest bird. We woke up at 4 in the morning in order to catch the sunrise and the birds doing their things. If you listen closely to this video you can hear the distinct song of the black grouse. While these birds are hunted during the fall, in the spring they are off limits and seem to know it, as they do their dance and song in the open fields, trying to find their mates.

It is very exciting spring is finally here! I’m a bit sad I’m going to be gone for half of the summer, but Sweden, Norrland, and the wildlife in Sweden will still be here when I return!


  1. Joseph
    April 29, 2011 at 21:46 — Reply

    i way like to come to Sweden because i love Swedesh language so i want u people to help me to come the
    i way like to learn the language

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