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A Royal Wedding, Oh My!

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Saturday saw another Royal Wedding in Stockholm as Swedish Princess Madeleine married American/Englishman (he has dual citizenship. But for coolness sakes, let’s just call him American) Christopher O’Neill. And of course Swedish newspapers and media are all the more happy to report about it.

I’m sitting here in the United States, and haven’t heard a peep about the wedding except being notified by my Swedish friends that I simply must must must report this! (Ok, not true, but I probably should).

Luckily for me, there is the official Swedish Royal Family page where there are official photos that I can use for the wedding. Woot!

Thank goodness for the Internet. I’m digging and digging, and there is tons of information on this fun royal wedding. Official press releases are a plenty, but really quite boring to me. If you want to find out about Princess Madeleine’s dress, or the bridal bouquet, then they are for you!

They do have their own wedding section in the Royal Family page, with a short and sweet interview with the princess about the wedding. All very formal, and not much fun information divulged here.The Royal Wedding

Aftonbladet is way more interesting with their wedding article. The wedding was conducted in English and Swedish (who would of thought! With Chris being American/British). He was almost brought to tears too! Those American men, so emotional! Hur kul!

You can bet this is not their only article about the couple. Looking on the right of the page, there are three more articles (in Swedish) about the new now married couple.

The official press releases are all fine and dandy, but I want the juicy gossip. How did these two meet? We know they met in New York, where Madeleine was hanging out. But I want more! I’m not one to usually spy on the rich and famous, but this is the Swedish Royal Family. Exception to be made. Time to turn to my handy dandy… Google!

Oh my goodness folks, and did I find it. Thank you DailyMail.Co.Uk! So here your royal juice. Madeleine was engaged to a lawyer earlier who cheated on her (not kul at all!), so being an awesome Swede, she called off the wedding asap and fled to New York where she met Chris. They fell in love and the rest is history.

But wait, the big gossip here… her younger brother is dating a topless model?!?! Wow! Now that is my kind of royal family 🙂

Wishing the best to this new, happy couple! I wonder where they will be living… New York? Stockholm? Both? I suppose you can do that when you are the Princess of Sweden 🙂

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