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How will you make your Halloween more Swedish?

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A Swede pushes the limits of Halloween.I have fond memories of my time in Sweden, especially my two Halloween parties. Yes, they were big enough to make a splash in the local newspaper, but what was really fun was to see all my Swedish friends dress up and really celebrate this holiday all out.

I remember prepping for the holiday with Anna, who helped me bake American cookies that looked creepy, and I remember her and her now husband coming over to help carve pumpkins. They had so much fun pumpkin carving!

This year I will have my second American halloween, which is surly to be a blast as I will be celebrating it with young folk. However, I know I will want a little Swedish in my Halloween.

Perhaps this will be by carving a Swedish pumpkin. Or maybe I will make some creepy Swedish meatballs. Perhaps I’ll dress up as something Swedish for the holiday. (Need some ideas? Check out 7 costumes for a Swedish Freak!)

Whatever I do, my question is what will you do this Halloween to make yours a bit more Swedish?

Please, share how you are going to make your Halloween more Swedish!

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