10 Ways To Celebrate Midsummer Like A Swede

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Midsommer is one of the best holidays to be in Sweden for. If you don’t know what Midsummer is or haven’t experienced it, watch the video above. In 4 minutes you will get exactly what Midsummer is for Swedes.

I miss Midsummer immensely, so here are 10 things you can do to bring Midsummer to your home this year.

Avoid the City

Nobody hangs out in the city during midsummer. This is the time for you to go out into nature, enjoy the warmth and light, and be with friends.

I don’t know what cities are like during midsummer because I was never in a city during midsummer. But I hear it is rather boring. So find some grass and create a midsummer party for your friends and loved ones!

Drink Beer. And Some More

Yes, midsummer is a big celebration in Sweden. Play horse shoe, sing songs, and get drunk like a Swede.

Drink beer. Ideally you want cheap beer so you can drink a lot of it and save your money.  If you aren’t a beer drinker, why not make a Swedish cocktail? I recommend getting some lingon juice from IKEA and adding some Swedish Vodka. Volia, you have an American-Swedish cocktail.

Swedish cider

Eat A Lot of Food

There is nothing like a Swedish party without a BBQ.  We would grill meat (moose meat if you have it), veggies like zucchini, mushrooms and onions. We also grilled some cheese which was delicious.

Not living in Sweden, don’t worry about it! Throw what you can and enjoy yourself. It’s midsummer!

Wear A Garland


Garlands are normal wear for Midsummer. Why not make your own either out of real flowers or, if you live in the desert like me, get some fake flowers that you can use for your garland 🙂

Bake Strawberry Cake

Strawberry cakes are a stable for Midsummer. I will be experimenting with a Swedish recipe (which will go in the Swedish recipe section of my site!) on Sunday, but for now why not try these recipes recommended from our Swedish Freaks on Facebook.

Play Swedish Games


Kubbspel is the game to play in Norrland for midsummer, or actually any summer night where drinking is involved.

You can purchase an official set on Amazon.com, however it is quite expensive. I’m sure you can find some wood lying around.

Check out the official Swedish rules here (in Swedish), or you can see how to play on Wikipedia.  Luckily for us, this game has taken off in the U.S.  What a great time to show it to your friends if they haven’t played it yet!

Play Swedish Music

There is nothing like Midsummer than listening to some Swedish Music! I’ve created a mishmash of different Swedish music, some classical, some folk music, some classics (like ABBA) and oldies.

While there are some commercials (thank you YouTube!), it is a great playlist to listen to! Enjoy 🙂

Find Your Husband

If you are a single maiden and you want to know who your future husband is going to be, now is your chance! Pick 7 flowers on your way home from a midsummer party and put them under your pillow. That night you will dream about your husband to be!


During Midsummer, Swedes dance around the maypole. Maypoles aren’t the easiest thing to do last minute. If you don’t have a maypole to dance around, why not just dance? You have the Swedish music above!

Stay Up All Night

Midsummer is the longest day of the year, and the sun barely sets in Sweden. So usually, people end up staying up all night and party until the early morning (which is why it is celebrated all day Friday and Saturday)


I’m excited to be celebrating Midsummer this year! We are doing a Father’s Day BBQ, and I’m going to combine it with a Swedish Midsummer celebration as well. Stay tuned for updates 🙂

What will you do this weekend to celebrate Midsummer?

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