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Get a Text in Sweden When Your Donated Blood Is Used

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Ok, one more thing to add to the “Sweden is Amazing” list.

sweden blood twitter postNow in Sweden, when you give blood, you will get a text when your blood is used to help someone. Sweden started this initiative in Stockholm 3 years ago, and it has had such good success, they are rolling it out country wide.

About 28 days ago, twitter blew up with this new initiative, sprouting articles all over the Internet regarding this initiative, starting with the British Independent.

Sweden knows that it needs to reach out to its younger generation, which is on social media. The hope is that with these texts, people will be more inclined to give blood.

Not only that, Stockholm is being completely transparent by showing their blood supply level.  The hope is that when the levels get low, people will let others know via social media and will start to donate.


Find out more about Sweden’s Blood Bank by going to their website (another great way to practice Swedish!)

Hopefully other countries will follow suite with Sweden’s awesomeness and start similar programs.


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