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Swedes Recycle Under Full Terrorist Threat

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Again, another reason why I love Sweden. Nothing stops Swedes from recycling. Absolutely nothing. Not even a terrorist attack.

Someone pointed this thread out to me on Reddit with a video of Swedes recycling under the terrorist threat they recently had. A rough translation of the text (please Swedes, if I’m wrong, correct me):

When someone looks up the word “Swedish-head” in the dictionary there is these two that are sorting recycling trash while there is a full terrorist threat.

The thread continues to be hilarious, I will share some of the funniest ones with a few translations for those of you who don’t speak Swedish. Like with this one:

om man slutar kallsoterera sa vinner terroristerna

Rough translation? If one stops trash sorting so win the terrorists.

Or here is another one that doesn’t need any translation that I love.

Environment needs to Fika

And lastly, someone who is freaking out about people writing Swedish and English in the same sentence that cracks me up.

Sick in huvet

For those who don’t know Swedish “helt sjukt i huvudet” is “completely sick in the head”.

Oh Sweden, how I love you so. You are the best place to be green, that is for sure. I can’t wait to see you soon!

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