Visiting Sweden For The First Time? 6 Things You Should Not Miss

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On your first visit to Sweden, you might be overwhelmed by the sheer number of things that there are to see and do, so having a plan is helpful.

To help you sketch out a killer schedule for your trip, here are just a handful of the unmissable sights and attractions to take in.

See Stockholm

It might already be at the top of your agenda, but the Swedish capital is certainly somewhere you will want to stop off at as part of your journey around this amazing country.

Stockholm has so much to offer, from its myriad museums where you can learn about the history of the country and see its greatest artworks to the brilliant bars and restaurants where delicious drinks and cutting edge cuisine are always on offer. There are also plenty of bespoke, boutique hotels where you can relax in your downtime and enjoy fast internet access to look up your next destination and play games on sites like

Trek to Lapland

After the bright lights of the city, you might want to see something completely different, in which case the isolated, snow-covered expanse of Lapland will definitely fit the bill.

If you visit in the summer you can experience the odd feeling of seeing the sun shining all day and night in this wonderful wilderness. You can also experience the lives of the native Sami people, who have been part of the fabric of Lapland for generations.

Go to Gotland

A hit with locals and international tourists alike, Gotland has a lot to offer, with its jaw-dropping coastline and its appealing attractions making it ideal for sun-seekers and cultural chameleons alike.

Gotland’s largest town, Visby, is itself listed as a World Heritage Site thanks to its significance, and it gives an insight into how the ancient Viking tribes would have lived centuries ago, with lots of modern recreations of Viking dress, food and drink available to those who want an even more authentic experience.

Ski in Åre

If your trip to Sweden is scheduled for the colder months of the year and you want to carve up some of the most pristine slopes in Europe, then visiting Åre will let you fulfil your need for high octane skiing action, as well as après ski fun.

Of course a summer time trip to this site is also advisable, as when the snows melt they reveal wonderful hiking trails that will get your blood pumping and endow your eyes with unforgettable views.

Delight in Drottningholm

Easily reachable from Stockholm, the palace of Drottningholm is the home of Sweden’s royal family and is certainly a sight to behold, with its imposing frontage giving way to luxurious and well-maintained gardens, as well as a host of other buildings and structures that are of interest.

The good news about this palace is that it remains open throughout the winter, as well as during the summer, so you are free to explore it whenever you plan your trip to Sweden.

Marvel at Sigtuna

Anyone who is eager to see what Sweden looked like during the medieval era should add a visit to Sigtuna into their itinerary. This picture-perfect town was founded over a millennium ago, and although it has been modernised in various ways since, it still manages to preserve much of the charm that you would expect from somewhere so venerable.

From its narrow lanes to its wood-built dwellings, Sigtuna provides a sumptuous sight-seeing opportunity that is not to be missed, no matter when you book a trip to Sweden.

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