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Or maybe she had – there’s no record of it, so we don’t really know. Lucia was killed in Syracuse in the year of 304, that is 1714 years ago. In Catholic countries, she has been revered as a saint on December 13, since the fifth century. In Sweden –

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While my lussebullar the american way turned out yummy, I decided to do them from scratch on Lucia. The recipe itself wasn’t much harder, but for some reason the dough wanted to be kneaded for hours! I eventually gave up, and I did miss the lucia crowning ceremony at the

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foodholidaysLife in Sweden

Lucia is coming up this weekend, and what does that mean? Lussebullar! Since there is a big snow storm here, I decided to make some. The American way. First, buy a box of lussebullar mix. Put the yeast in warm water for 5 minutes. Put the mix in a bowl.

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