Swedish Cheese Please!

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bond-ost-seedsI love hearing from fellow Swedish Freaks! Jennifer writes:

I am one of your subscribers and wondered if you knew about this cheese available on Amazon. My great grandparents and grandparents served this cheese when I was a child. There are different places to order it from but since you have an amazon food list going, I thought you might like this. If you read through the reviews, almost every one is of Swedish descent.

It comes without caraway seeds as well. Also, Chicago’s oldest Swedish bakery, simply called Swedish Bakery takes phone and online orders. I only order in the winter time because I live in a hot state but the food is great! My family shopped there for years. (Update, this bakery is now closed. So sad!)

Thank you, Jennifer! There is nothing like a taste to bring back memories, and there can’t be a better taste than Swedish cheese!

I know that I miss Vasterbotten cheese, which I no longer am able to find at IKEA or online! Luckily, though, there are other great Swedish cheeses on Amazon, as Jennifer points out, that you can purchase, including her Bond ost cheese with caraway seeds.

Bond Cheese Plain or with Caraway Seeds

Bond Ost PlainBond cheese is a semi soft cheese that is a little bit sharp, like cheddar.  The caraway seeds gives the cheese roll a unique taste, if you are looking for something different.

Like most Swedish cheeses, it is great on crackers, or with bread and butter. Can also be used in sandwiches, though that would be Americanizing this amazing cheese.

It may be expensive (around $25 for a roll, not including shipping), but it is worth it for the unique, Swedish taste. Purchase on Amazon for your Jul table this year.

Präst Cheese

Prast OstPräst cheese, or priest cheese, is another sharp cheese with a rich and strong flavor that is great by itself or with plain bread or crackers. Eat it as you would any fine cheddar or sharp cheese.

The präst cheese name comes from  historical roots, when Swedish farmers would pay tithe with their goods. Priests made this cheese during the 16th up until the 19th century.

Sometimes, the cheese can be soaked in whiskey. Yummy! Purchase this delicious cheese on Amazon.

Farmer Cheese

Swedish Farmer CheeseSwedish farmer cheese is a mild cheese that is a stable in any home in Sweden.  Served with bread and butter, on sandwiches or works great for melted dishes such as casserole and pizza.

Because of its mild taste, it is a good all around cheese that everyone will enjoy. Get a whole wheel on Amazon!

Tools for Swedish Cheese

Cheese cutterEvery time I had a fika in Sweden with cheese, it always included a cheese slicer like this.  Swedish cheese just doesn’t taste the same if it isn’t thinly sliced with a good cheese cutter.  Get this stainless steel cheese cutter on amazon to cut your Swedish cheese!


What are your favorite Swedish cheeses and where can you get them?

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  1. Sadly the Swedish Bakery on Clark Street has closed as of last February. Bond ost, however, can be purchased many places in Chicago and suburbs – Hagen’s Fish Market on Montrose west of Central, the Sweden Shop on Foster Avenue near North Park College, and Mariano’s grocery store (at least in Harwood Heights). Greatfully I am posting from Stockholm but will miss it here – will return home to Chicago and my family ❤️


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