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Terrorism in Stockholm, Sweden

By Kristie / December 17, 2010

So It’s Not Just For the United States One of the benefits, or so I would have imagined, of relocating to Sweden would have been a quiet escape from the political drama in the United States. No, that’s not to say Sweden doesn’t have it’s own setbacks and dilemmas, that’s not what I’m attempting to […]


Breakfast as Usual

By Kristie / December 14, 2010

A picture can’t really do justice to the deliciousness of lingonberry jam on toast. Oh well. I tried. If the typical uber-sweet flavor of most jams isn’t your thing, I highly recommend giving lingonberry a shot.


Does Cost Plus Carry Swedish Candy?

By Kristie / December 14, 2010

The answer to this question, is as of now, unknown. An attempt to find out via calling Cost Plus World Market provided it would be indeed difficult to find this out. Person A: “Hello, Cost Plus World Markets.” Me: “Do you carry Swedish imports?” Person A: “What do you mean?” Me: “I mean, do you […]


Ikea: Sweden’s Answer to Walmart

By Kristie / December 13, 2010

Don’t get me wrong; I do indeed like some of what is there. For example, as I salivate over a piece of white bread slathered in butter and lingonberry jam, I furiously expel my angst over the Ikea shopping experience of today via this post. But the fact remains that I cannot get over the […]


Another Day of Rain

By Kristie / December 10, 2010

Barely into winter and all I can think about is going to the beach. An acquaintance of mine suffers from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and informed me that a special sun lamp is not necessary to treat SAD, but rather, that any lamp can be used to catch some rays with during the darker parts […]


Going Home to Skellefteå, Sweden, Jiggity Jig

By Kristie / December 6, 2010

After a month of being deprived of all things Swedish, most notably surstromming, Missfoster is now able to go back to her new (not old) stomping grounds and futz around for awhile. In addition to seeing the most handsome Swede on the face of this planet, she looks forward to partaking in motorcycle adventures, working […]


10 Things I Love About Sweden

By SwedishFreak / December 5, 2010

1. There is a store dedicated solely to alcohol. 2. I can bump people in my way without saying excuse me. 3. Sucking in air is a way to show you are listening. 4. I can complain about the weather along with everyone else. 5. Moose meat: Its whats for dinner. 6. People are nice, […]


Moose Hunting 2010

By SwedishFreak / September 6, 2010

Today was the first day of the moose hunting season in Sweden! So of course, we got up at 3:45 am to go moose hunting. Now, I was warned that this would be extremely boring. It consists of hours upon hours of sitting around waiting for a moose. But it is the experience that counts, […]

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