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How to Say I Love You in Swedish & Other Romantic Phrases

By SwedishFreak / January 26, 2018

Jump Straight to the Infographic I recently found out that quite a few people want to know how to say I love you in Swedish. Always a useful and beautiful phrase to know. I thought it would be useful if I put together the ultimate blog post for romantic Swedish phrases. Hopefully, you can either […]


Longest Swedish Word

By SwedishFreak / April 7, 2017

Ok, ok, well, technically, the longest Swedish word is Realisationsvinstbeskattning (28 letters), which means “capital gain taxation” and is usually shortened to Reavinstskatt.  This is according the Svenska Akademiens ordlista, which is technically correct.  This is the longest word in Swedish. Technically. How boring! Non technically, Swedish grammar allows us to combine words to make a much longer (and […]


Free Swedish Flashcards: Fruit Food

By SwedishFreak / January 18, 2017

I know there are tons of great apps now for learning Swedish, however sometimes I just want to step away from technology for a second and hold something paper in my hands. To get your basic set of Swedish flash cards for fruit food, just fill out the form below. I promise I will never […]


Found Bergman Script to be a Swedish Film

By SwedishFreak / November 23, 2016

Note to self. Do a post on Igmar Bergman, the “world-famous filmmaker, legendary theatre director and exceptional writer” from Sweden, who produced numerous amounts of films during the 50s, 60s and 70s. There is a whole foundation that talks about his work and life, but we won’t get into that now. A script found in 2002 of Bergman’s […]


Learn Swedish with Malin Akerman

By SwedishFreak / November 20, 2016

Malin Akerman, a Swedish Canadian actress and singer, was recently with the US Weekly staff and decided to teach them some Swedish, including a fun Swedish drinking song. It sounds like some slang to me, at least the hello. Sluta! is always a good one. And who can’t use another Swedish drinking song? Tack Malin!


Call and Talk To a Random Swede

By SwedishFreak / April 14, 2016

I love Sweden. You really can’t get any better than this.  Sweden has released a special phone number (+46 771 793 336) where anybody in the world can call, and they will speak to a random Swede! Swedes sign up for the ability to have a random stranger call them by turning on an app on […]


Swedish Leap Year Means Girls Propose to Guys

By SwedishFreak / March 1, 2016

Well, at least it used to! Apparently, back in the day, leap year (which was celebrated on the 24th because, well, the calendar to calendar conversion rates don’t always work) day was the one day a girl could propose to a guy. This was, of course, back in the day before there was equality in Sweden. […]


Best Apps for Learning Swedish

By SwedishFreak / July 22, 2015

This article is from 2015.  Please see the updated version of Best Apps for Learning Swedish 2017! If you have a smart phone or tablet, you are lucky, because Swedish will always be at your fingertips. I’ve gathered a list of websites where you can learn Swedish for free. Today, I’m sharing a list of […]


Why Should I Learn Swedish?

By SwedishFreak / January 6, 2013

Sweden has the best English in the world for a country where English is not a native language. That is pretty impressive. So why would any American, Canadian, Australian, British, or Kiwi want to learn Swedish in the first place? Well, first off, there is no better way to get a sense of a culture […]