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LA to Stockholm $500 or less?

No seriously. I booked my flight already, leaving on the 22nd (yes, this Saturday), and it cost me $550 including carry on luggage, some travel insurance, and a seat selected on the way home. I do have a hotel cost in Iceland on my way there of $70. I’m not

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Eurovision 2016
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Better late than never! Thanks to the Internet you can watch the live Eurovision show in Stockholm.  It is also going to be shown on Bravo in the United States if you still have cable. Eurovision is pretty huge in Sweden, and Sweden’s If I Were Sorry sung by Frans is

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Swedish News

The rapper Snoop Dogg had a concert in Uppsala, the large college town only about an hour from Stockholm. On his way back to Stockholm, around midnight, his vehicle was stopped by a random vehicle check by the Stockholm police. Kinda like our random drunk driving stops in America. Not

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healthLife in Sweden

Ok, one more thing to add to the “Sweden is Amazing” list. Now in Sweden, when you give blood, you will get a text when your blood is used to help someone. Sweden started this initiative in Stockholm 3 years ago, and it has had such good success, they are rolling

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Life in Swedenspring

In Stockholm, we are waiting for spring to arrive. It’s quite cold for being the second half of March and I think almost everybody is longing for the sun to warm our frozen limbs. Usually, we get some warmth when the sun starts to rise higher and higher on the

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Sergels Torg
holidaysLife in Sweden

“Julskyltning” or “skyltsöndag” as it is usually called is a tradition in Sweden since mid-late 19th century. In the middle of the 19th-century the shops started make special preparations before Christmas by decorating their display windows. It took a few years and in the late 19th-century it made a breakthrough

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St Lucia Sweden
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This is the first known picture of a Swedish Lucia. It was painted in 1848 on Koberg Castle in Västergötland (today the residence of Princess Desirée, the king’s sister). The artist was lieutenant-colonel and count Fritz von Dardel, owner of the castle and aide-de-camp to king Karl XV. Von Dardel,

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City Toilet
Life in SwedenTravel

I’m just taking a break from my study “homework” to write this article. I’ve been battling with a bunch of questions while sitting in the wonderful biblioteket (library) of Medborgarplatsen. Well, time passes and I need to go to the toilet. What you would expect to do in a normal

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Swedish sun
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And so it happened, one day I woke up knowing that I had a plane from Fiumicino di Arlanda. It was the day that one of my biggest dreams became true. I remember looking outside the windows of the airplane, from Germany on there was a layer of clouds which

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