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The New Vulkan Pizza
foodLife in Sweden

If you have ever lived in Sweden, you will know what the true national dish is. Pizza. What they do with pizza is genius. My favorite was when they took a whole pizza, added some ranch, and rolled it up into a large burrito like sandwich. Yum! Well, something new

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foodHistoryPiece of Sweden

Hell on earth, falukorv and little red cottages Ever travelled through the Swedish countryside? Or at least seen it on TV? Did you notice that the majority of all buildings – homes, barns, boathouses, every shed – are red? Red cottages with white corners and other white trimmings are as

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Thank God for the food! This pious exclamation comes from reverend Nils Lidskog of St. Clara parish in Stockholm’s downtown. He has just been told that the church is about to receive 5 tons of lasagne. Remember the European horse meat scandal a few weeks ago? The content of beef

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Horsing around During the last few weeks, there have been findings of horsemeat in frozen food, labeled beef, in many European countries. This has upset a lot of people, created large headlines, and forced producers to withdraw large quantities of frozen and canned food, such as meatballs, sausages, meat pies,

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